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Moodle training videos

I have found a few useful videos on step-by-step how to do various things on moodle.















Week 2 Reflection

In this week, my group and I experimented on uploading resources on Moodle. It was a great experience though I had to do quite a bit of trial and error. Editing posts using HTML to embed video codes seemed easy but proved to be tricky. For some reason, our moodle page was a bit slow and took a while to show the video I embedded. I thought I had done something wrong, but I hadn’t. Additionally, it was hard to upload a picture in the right size to make sure it looks well. I also had to get used to how to manipulate the different activities moodle allows you to create. They are generally in a “fill in the gap” form and it doesn’t help when you have the activity already done in Word. I would certainly use other types of activities which do not require this “filling-in” as I have a vast amount of resources already made in Word, Powerpoint and SMART notebook. I would probably upload them directly to moodle instead of using the “activity” choice. There are a couple of them that may be useful because it allows you to manage when students complete it, which would be quite useful and would save me time on marking. This is always a bonus!! 🙂

Adding resources and activities on moodle

Basics of moodle

Here’s a slideshare on the basics of moodle.

Introduction for teaching with moodle.

Presentation week 1 activities