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Using screen-o-matic to record my lesson

Hi everyone,

Here’s a screen-o-matic recording of my lesson plan. I show here how the lesson is supposed to work.




Google document on all participants’ lesson plans


Forum feature: important for students-teacher collaboration

The discussion forums provide great opportunities to learn. As teacher learners, we learn from the other participants and from researching for information and adding them to our responses. As participant/student learners, we learn when we respond to the topic of the discussion because we check for information and when we read and respond to the teacher and our colleague’s ongoing posts. Learning comes as a result of engaging in the discussion forums. The responses can be enriched with multi-media in the form of text, audio, video and images.
You are invited to practice the role of an active participant and model what you would like to see in your students/colleagues or teachers.  Yes, students can help teachers learn about their specific needs and how to cater to those needs.

News forum is automatically created for each course and is a place for general course announcements.

There are four different types of discussion forums a teacher can choose from:

  • Standard forum for general use
  • An open forum where anyone can start a new discussion topic at any time and any student can reply to any posting.

  • A single simple discussion
  • A single topic discussion developed on one page (group mode cannot be used with this type).

  • Each person posts one discussion
  • Each person can post only one new discussion topic (everyone enrolled in the course can reply to the posted topics).

    • Q and A forum
    • Instead of initiating discussions, the instructor poses a question to the class. Students may reply with an answer, but cannot see the replies of other students until they have posted their own response to the question.